Hello, I am Brad Fogel, a Chicago
SEO consultant and web designer

I have over ten years experience in digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). I love clean, elegant styling, and have years of experience in the optimizing modern business websites to rank high in Google, Bing and Yahoo!. I am also a certified project manager (PMP) from the Project Management Institute.

Personal Info

What is SEO? How can SEO help your business?

Are you looking for a SEO Consultant to help you get top rankings?

I am an experienced SEO consultant. I've had great success providing SEO consulting services for small to large businesses for over a decade now. I've been successful by staying up to date with how search engines rank websites, practicing clean, modern and mobile responsive web design, implementing only the most effective SEO strategies, not over charging and delivering effective consulting services.

Business owners and design agencies contact me when they're not sure why their website or a clients website is not ranking well or when they want to tackle some of the more competitive keyword phrases. I also get contacted when a website's ranking suddenly plummets and business owners need someone answers and corrective action to be taken.

To find out more about my after hours SEO Consulting services, feel free to contact me. We can set-up a free intial consultation about my services, fees and how they can help your website increase their organic search engine rankings. During a consultation with me you will be able to ask any questions you have related to search engine optimization. I'm sincere about helping my clients achieve top rankings in search engines and generating you more business from online.


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Work Experience

LinkedIn Profile
  • Manager, eBusiness Marketing
    State of Illinois 2012 - Present

    Project Management - Marketing / I.T., Search Engine Optimization / SEO, Digital Marketing

  • Web Marketing Manager
    State of Illinois 2009 - 2012

    Marketing Project Management, CRM / E-messaging Implementation & Management, Web Content Strategy & Architecture

  • Sr. Marketing Manager and Webmaster
    United States Gypsum Co. 2004 - 2009

    Marketing Manager, Web Design and SEO Strategy


  • Wordpress Development 90%

  • Search Engine Optimization100%

  • Digital Marketing85%

  • Product Management90%

  • Social Marketing 90%


  • Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Responsive
  • Project Management
  • Wordpress
  • Marketing

Contact Us

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Contact info

For inquiries on SEO and web design please contact me below.

  • 651 W. Sheridan Rd.
  • 773-580-4651
  • brad@operationtechnology.com